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Situated on the banks of Clear Lake, the small town has a fantastic view of the largest freshwater lake in the entire state of California.

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With a landscape that would rival the best Norman Rockwell paintings yet capture the magnificence of the mountainous views, Clearlake, California is simply beautiful. Situated on the banks of Clear Lake, the small town has a fantastic view of the largest freshwater lake in the entire state of California. The town is located right off Highway 20 and northeast of the town of Santa Rosa. Shasta-Trinity National Forest is only a few miles up the road and is great for hiking and sight-seeing. The lake is the focal point of the entire wine-growing area and has the mountains to serve as a fantastic backdrop and quite possibly one of the most picturesque locations in America!

The town of Clearlake is nestled on the lakes edge and in the shadow of Mount Konocti. A throw-back to a much simpler time when things were, a little slower, Clearlake has something for everyone. The location of the town creates a load of outdoor activities in which fishing, sight-seeing, hiking, camping, and water-sports are within walking distance of the town. The town offers wine-tasting and a great selection of quant lake-side eateries, in which the entire family can enjoy a meal and the view!

If driving through Clearlake tempts one to pull over and stay a few days or longer the lodging accommodations are top-rate. From little cottages that dot the lake to the major hotel chains of the United States, Clearlake has plenty of excellent accommodations to bed down for the night. The rest will be required and very much appreciated as Clearlake offers up the best of what everyone thinks of when the thought of Northern California comes into mind, wine and natural beauty. Clearlake is located in the heart of some of the finest wineries and vineyards in the entire United States and quite possibly the world. Guenoc Winery is one of those wineries that can trace its heritage all the way back to the first European settlers that inhabited Northern California and Clearlake in particular. Thatís what sets this location, this town, apart from many other local California areas, the heritage is very interesting.

The Europeans that came over from the Old Country brought with them their cultural values and their love for wine. This can be seen everywhere in Clearlake and in the surrounding towns that make up Lake County. While enjoying the natural beauty of Clear Lake and Mount Konocti, those that prefer a more indoor set of activities have their pick of many cultural and purely entertaining venues. Family fun for all ages is never far away with the many annual community events, festivals and art-fairs. Additionally, there are jamming concerts, sporting events, car shows, casinos, and so much more.

One of the favorite attractions that many flock to Clearlake to see and experience is the lake itself. Hands down this is the anchor point for the entire area and is the catalyst for almost every commercial and industrial venture. The wineries irrigate their vineyards with the sweet clean water that comes from this mammoth lake. Clear Lake is a sight to see and one of the most beautiful treasures of California. Another must see while visiting Clearlake is the Anderson Marsh State Historic Park, located on the outskirts of town. The park offers a glimpse into the ancient, rather prehistoric, history of Clearlake and goes back 10,000 years! The area was once the home of the native Indian tribe called the Pomo. An educational center is located in Anderson Marsh and has all the magnificently interesting details concerning the relevance of this proud Indian- heritage filled community.

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